spiel_blockQuestions about the match
SPL Fantasy is a unique mobile football manager simulation, in which you have complete freedom. Buy yourself every player, everyday! Are you a fan of Al Nassr oder Al Hilal? Play with your entire favourite team! Substitute in and out, live! Play with five strikers or seven! Collect points, earn money with clever transfers and get the title. Progress level-by-level on the way to the Super League and secure fantastic rewards for yourself.
Committing only one squad for an entire season? No more of that! With SPL Fantasy, you can also buy players for only one matchday. Or for five. Or for ten. Or for a maximum of twenty. A limitation to three players per club? Why? Buy yourself all of the players of your favourite club. A limitation to five or ten tactics? Seriously? With us, you can even play with ten strikers, but there is just one rule: You need to put a goalkeeper in the line-up. A limitation to a team of 18? Come on! With SPL Fantasy, you can commit any Saudi Pro League player – at any time. The transfer market is open all year round. You will also receive special offers there every day. The gameplay is also unique. You control all of your actions with cards. Trade with your “Substitution Card”, select a free tactic with the “Tactical Wizard”, get more discounts with the “Scout”, give your favourite player the armband with the “Captain”. And if your star should happen to get injured for a short time, play the “Magician” – to still secure points for yourself.
Yes, all the functions of the game, such as player transfers or formation, are free of charge. However, there are booster cards that you can use to improve your team. These cost koins. You can buy the cards and Koins in the shop, but you can also get them as gifts for good performances (more about cards and Koins in the "In-App Purchases" section). By the way, skill (and luck, which has its share in football) is always the deciding factor in SPL Fantasy.
Of course! We have no overall season ranking – except in the groups. With us, every match day is a championship.
Fame! And the respect of your friends and work colleagues. You will also receive fantastic rewards, the better you play.
SPL Fantasy can be played on any number of devices, but only on one at a time. The transfer either takes place automatically via Apple GameCenter or via a one-time code, which can be generated within the app and must be entered on the other device within 10 minutes after generation. You will receive your code at support@spl-fantasy.app
If one or more matches are cancelled on a matchday, you will receive free Magicians from us for all of the players lined up from these matches and consequently, the average points of these players.
Simply write us an e-mail to support@spl-fantasy.app
transfer_blockQuestions about the transfer market
With SPL Fantasy, you don’t buy players for an entire season, but for one matchday. Or five. Or ten. Or a maximum of twenty. The longer you commit a player, the lower his price is. One player card is deducted from you for each use in the first eleven or on the bench. If you have played your last player action card (your player sat on the bench or was in the line-up), the player falls out of the squad. But you can naturally also buy him again on the transfer market.
We have developed an index for SPL Fantasy that finally puts an end to subjective assessments such as marks. The Matchday Index (MAX) is calculated live by an algorithm that is exclusively based on match data. All players start with the number of points of an average Saudi Pro League player and can increase these with above-average good performance up to a maximum of 100 points – or losing points due to below-average performance. For this, the algorithm takes the passing quality, direct duels, spectacular tackles, participation in goal opportunities or the contribution to team success into consideration. This way, defenders, for example, do not need to let themselves be measured by the goal quota of strikers, the values of all players are always exclusively qualified on the basis of the values of their position. Players that are used for less than 10 minutes do not receive an index value.
No. Theoretically, you can buy the complete squad of a club and fill your complete line-up and the bench with players from one club.
Our transfer market is open all year round. So, you can shop around the clock.
Yes, that’s possible. But, with a loss of value.
Everyday, there are up to six special offers on the transfer market. Three are free, another three can be enabled with the Scout card.
How much the players cost is based on their performance, i.e. the collected points on the matchday. Supply and demand also affect the price. Players in high demand cost more than those that are less sought-after. But that is also an opportunity for you! If you know which talented players you can buy at a cheap price now, but will cause a stir in the Saudi Pro League soon, you can sell them later on at a profit.
With us, the matchday principle applies – every matchday is a new championship. That’s why we also do not have a traditional end-of-season. If you still have player cards at the end of a Saudi Pro League season, you keep them and can use them again in the next Saudi Pro League season.
If players leave the league or end their career, the rest of your cards are automatically sold and you receive the daily updated price.
aufstellung_blockQuestions about the line-up
On the top left of the Line-up menu, you can click on the “My squad” button. You can find all of your players sorted by positions
The standard matchday tactics are: 4-4-2, 3-5-2, 4-3-3, 3-4-3, 4-5-1, 5-3-2.
In the middle at the top in the Line-up menu, you can select a tactic.
If you select “free line-up”, you can select any desired line-up, irrespective of the positions. For example, you can play with ten strikers. The only exception: You need to put a goalkeeper in the line-up. To activate the “free line-up”, you need a Tactical Wizard card. You can buy this in the shop.
There are several options for setting up players. You can click on a player in your squad and then select the “set-up” button. Now, you can place him on his position on playing field. If a different player in your squad is at this position, he is automatically deleted from your line-up. You can also set up directly from the transfer market. For this, you only need to press on “set-up” after buying a player. You can now drag&drop the players from the bench to substitute them with the players on the pitch.
No. Theoretically, you can also compete with fewer players, but then you won’t participate in the battle. The battle is a direct duel with another SPL Fantasy user, during which you can receive attractive rewards.
No, but then you can also not substitute players anymore in live mode. You will miss out on one of the SPL Fantasy highlights.
Yes. All players that are on your pitch and are sitting on the bench at the beginning of the first Saudi Pro League match will each lose one use of a player. That also applies to the players on the bench, if you don’t substitute them in.
Flexible, so-called polyvalent players, are the rule in the meantime in the Saudi Pro League clubs. That is why players can be found that are midfield players in Matchday, but are used as full-backs in their club in the second half. Or – like Philipp Lahm under Pep Guardiola – they are suddenly regular players in the defensive midfield, although they are full-backs in the club squad. It doesn’t matter with Matchday. Our MAX Index rates the players on the basis of their real tactical position. If a player is set up as a defender, but is played in midfield in the match, he is rated by the algorithm with the benchmarks of a midfield player.
While the matches are running, you can substitute players in and out, as well as playing a Magician. (See Booster Cards) You can also use the live values to follow how each player is performing on the pitch. You don’t just see the values of your team on the pitch or on the bench. The performance values of all players are displayed on the transfer market.
With the button to the right of your selected tactic, you can change the view from matchday points to average points. With the square with the arrow, you can share your line-up, for example via Whatsapp or social networks. Your bench remains hidden.
kommand_blockQuestions about the Command Centre
You can find the list of fixtures in the middle tab under the crown. There, you can also swipe forward and back to have past or future players displayed. If you press on the list of fixtures, it expands and you can see which players you have set up with the respective pairing.
In the middle tab under the crown, you need to click on the gear. Now, you can change your name under “Your profile”.
Yes. In the middle tab under the crown, simply click on the gearwheel and then on “Watch tutorial”.
You can find the settings under the gearwheel in the middle tab (crown). You can switch the music and key tones on and off here.
You can find the settings under the gear in the middle tab (crown). You can switch various alarms on and off at the top right.
In the middle tab under the crown, you can see an overview of all trophies by clicking on your profile.
You receive XP points for your matchday performance. You can find how many XP you need for which level progression when you click on the purple progress bars at the top left in the app. The higher your level, the higher the rewards are that you receive for individual table positions.
battles_blockQuestions about the battles
n every matchday, a battle opponent is drawn for you. The precondition for this is that you are at least in level 3 and have a complete line-up (the bank can theoretically remain empty for this). You play a direct duel against this random opponent. Whoever has more points at the end of the matchday, wins the battle. There are attractive prizes for the winner. The more battles you win in a row, the higher the prices become. If you win seven duels in a row, you receive the unbelievable sum of 50,000,000 SPL Fantasy riyals and progress directly to the Super League. In the seventh duel, you always play against a Matchday Giant. You can find more detailed information about our Giants here:
To see how many battles you have won in a row, click in the middle tab (crown) on your user name and swipe left on the trophies. Press on the diamond to see which rewards you will receive.
rankings_blockQuestions about groups and rankings
All of your points count towards your success on SPL Fantasy. Whoever succeeds in achieving a certain number of pointed on a matchday can call themselves a champion and receive a golden championship trophy for the trophy cabinet. How many points you need, depends on the level. You will find the required number of points right at the back in the 18 table. Your total points result from the total of eleven players that are standing on the pitch on a matchday at the final whistle of the last Saudi Pro League match – plus the bonus points that you have received, for example, for your captain’s performance. Those with the highest points on every matchday and the winners in the groups receive special rewards.
Under the Top3 managers, you will see users with the highest points from your level.
You can easily create a group by going to “Group” in the Ranking tab and then to “Create group”. As an administrator, you can change the group names there at any time, create other administrators or even click on a group member in case of disputes. The most important thing: You can invite your friends to the group. It’s very easy to do via WhatsApp, Facebook, e-mail, Twitter or other conventional social tools.
By being invited by an administrator. For this, simply click on the invitation link – done. Please note: At present, you can only play in one group. But in future, we intend to make it possible to play in multiple groups at the same time. If you should have a problem with inviting (for example, that the Store page opens instead of the app when you click on the link), go to Invite by e-mail and copy the link from there. You can then also send them via WhatsApp and other messengers.
The Super League is a league of its own in SPL Fantasy above level 9. The special thing about it: In addition to the usual rewards for each matchday, you also collect points for the overall ranking of a season and extra rewards. A season consists of four consecutive matchdays. The overall ranking is formed from the cumulative points of the four matchdays. The overall winner and runner-up of each season qualify for the final tournament, which is held on the 33rd and 34th matchday and in which the SPL Fantasy Champion is crowned. In the event of a tie, both the seasons and the final will be decided by lot.
You are automatically part of the Super League, if you have reached level 10, i.e. 4750 XP. But there is a possibility for you to qualify immediately for the Super League: by reaching 1000 points on a matchday. In this case, you will automatically be boosted to level 10 and play in the Super League for the first time on the following matchday. By the way, if you managed to crack 1000 points, 10 million SPL Fantasy riyals will always be credited to you as a reward.
For example, if you progress to the Super League on the 3rd matchday, in which the season runs from the 1st to the 4th matchday, you will take the points with you that you have collected so far on both matchdays. In total, there are eight seasons comprised of 4 matchdays each per Saudi Pro League season.
shop_blockQuestions about the shop
In our shop, you can buy coins, booster cards, XP boosters and avatars, as well as items.
Captain: Make a player into your captain and he will receive 30 percent more points. After all, he bears the responsibility. Playable BEFORE the kick-off. Substitution: Put one player per card onto the bench and take one off. Four substitutions are possible per matchday. But remember: Only smart substitutions pay off. Playable LIVE until the 75th minute. Scout: Unlock three new bargains per card on the transfer market. You will be able to save twice as much. Playable AT ANY TIME. Magician: Guarantees you the average points of ONE player, who cannot play, but will be standing on the pitch at the starting whistle. It is not explicitly prohibited to put a blocked or injured player in the line-up and then play the Magician! That’s why he is called the Magician. Playable LIVE ONCE on matchday. Tactical Wizard: There’s only one rule here: A goalkeeper must be standing in the goal. Do you want to play with ten strikers? No problem. Show that you are a Tactical Wizard. Playable BEFORE the starting whistle. Spy: Have a look at your opponent’s cards and get a knowledge advantage. You only see the eleven players that are currently on the pitch – but at any time. The bench secrecy remains preserved. If you are spied on, you will receive a minimum credit of 10 XP. Playable from the starting whistle of a matchday.
If you would like to buy Booster cards in the game, you need coins. You receive them once at the start of the app, as well as on a regular basis as a reward for particularly good performance, such as level progressions. You can also buy coins in the shop. How many coins you own is displayed on the top right in the app.
At the beginning of the match, in addition to a randomly drawn team, you will also receive a starting credit with virtual riyals. You can use it to buy players for your team. You can simply sell players that you don’t want to have – and reinvest the additional money in other players. You will also receive daily rewards, if you open the app. To do this, simply go to the shop and open the package right at the top, if it is available. After every matchday, you will also receive a cash reward for your earned points. Another possibility for you to improve your account: Find talented players at a cheap price and wait until they have matured into top players. Then you can sell them at a profit! You can see how many virtual riyals you have in the app right at the top in the middle.
With our XP Boosters, which you can find in the shop in the app, you can increase the value of your earned XP points by 50 percent for one, five or ten matches. This way, you can win attractive prizes more quickly in the level ladder and move into the Super League more quickly. The boosters are valid for one, five or ten consecutive matches from purchase. An example: If you buy the boosters for one match and have collected 200 XP in the next round, this booster increases the number of points to 300. ATTENTION: The 5x and 10x boosters are automatically placed over the next five/ten matchdays; individual matchdays cannot be selected.
index_blockQuestions about the index
More than 100 individual values that we receive from the data provider, Opta, and supplement with additional parameters, form the basis for our index. This is not only about the quantity, but also the quality of the actions, such as: Shots and passes, weighted by quality; the contribution of own actions to team success; assertiveness and ball retention offensively; play against the ball; defence of the own goal and for goalkeepers: Parades. Please understand that we can’t reveal our Coca-Cola formula to you.
Yes. The MAX has different weightings of actions. For example, offensive direct duels are more important for strikers, while defensive behaviour (play against the ball, preventing goals) increases the index for defenders. But: The same distribution and average values apply to every position. For every position, our data guru, Dr. Otto Kolbinger (on Twitter: @Spielanalyse) has defined expectations from historical values, such as when a defender is a good defender. But that also means: Putting more strikers (or defenders, or midfielders) in the line-up doesn’t give you any advantage.
Theoretically, your players can improve from 10 to 100 – and conversely, they can deteriorate. But to do this, for example, you would need to achieve a perfect match within the first fifteen minutes, including several goals and then fail completely after that, including an own goal and a missed penalty kick. But one thing is certain: The players can catapult your MAX values up or down within a few minutes with appropriate actions.
No. Beauty doesn’t either
Yes, provided that the player performs well and isn’t sent off too early. For each second that his team is playing with a lower number of players, the player receives the worst possible contribution to the team performance. But this also means that the later the send-off happens, the less the player is punished for it – in an ideal case, only for a few minutes/seconds.